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Sun Jan 13 10:07:16 PST 2008

Chris Zakes <dontivar at gmail.com> wrote:
That mechanism already exists, it's called a Canton. Quoting from Kingdom Law:

Section 3 : Cantons
A canton is a branch recognized by the Crown, formed under the protection of a
barony, which fulfills the requirements listed below:
A. At least five subscribing members of the SCA.
B. A warrantable seneschal, treasurer, and at least one of the following: a
marshal, herald, or minister of arts and sciences.
C. A name and arms that have been registered with the College of Arms.
D. A record of at least six months of regular activity.

         -Tivar Moondragon
What I described is not a Canton, and does not currently exist, as far as I know, in the Knowne Worlde. It would be an administrative sub-group of the Barony, not an independent chapter,and need not be recognized by the Crown. It would not be "protected" by the Barony, but DEPENDANT on the Barony. It would have no money of its own, and therefore no need for a warranted treasurer. To get money for specific expenses it would have to go through the Baronial finance committee, same as any person or group residing at the seat of the Barony. 
A community of artisans, with no fighters, (if such exists out there) would not need ANY warranted officers or even paid members (although a warranted deputy baronial seneschal would be ideal). A community of fighters would need one warranted officer (is there, or could there be, such a thing as a warranted deputy baronial seneschal or marshal?) and one authorized marshal (could be the same person) to have official practices. 
This scheme would require excellent communication between the subgroups and the Baronial Seneschal and the B&B. Its not a perfect solution,  but it looks workable to me. It would allow the dissolved groups to maintain a sense of identity and community while functioning within the framework of the Barony.

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