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Sun Jan 13 17:50:00 PST 2008

At 06:56 PM 1/13/2008, you wrote:

>You do understand that all the regions exist as admin
>tools of the kingdom and have no standing within the
>SCA? They were created to attempt to streamline
>paperwork and related items. As for distances, there
>are baronies in Lochac that cover an area probably
>bigger than our kingdom(Look at their kingdom map and
>check out the barony in central Aust. and the one
>covering the western area), somehow they handle the
>distances-maybe we can learn something from them.
>  Robert

<shrug> Yes, but Lochac is operating under somewhat different 
conditions. Australia is roughly the size of the continental US. Most 
of its central part is uninhabited/uninhabitable desert; most of its 
cities are on the east coast, with a few on the southern or western 
coast. Plus they have New Zealand, across 1400 miles of ocean. 
Imagine living in New York with the nearest SCA groups in Washington 
or Boston and a few more groups scattered along the coast down into 
Florida, one in New Orleans, a few near Los Angeles and a handful in 
the Carribean. http://www.sca.org.au/lochac/groups/map.html

I read the Lochac rapier list; the impression I get is that while 
folks travel to nearby groups, the more distant groups will only see 
outsiders once or twice a year, because the only reasonable way to 
get from point A to point B is to fly there. A lot of stuff happens 
at Rowany Festival (their big week-long event at Easter) which is 
kind of like folks here going to Pennsic. Imagine if the only time 
*you* saw the Crown was at Pennsic.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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