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Another view of Power... is in this doc ;)


L DeerSlayer

John Gillin <bonz6x at yahoo.com> wrote: In response to the initial post and reply(s) I read... (Willow and HL Ofelia) hi! Ladies!
  Ahem! ( ::: clears throat... steps upon soap box ::: )
  I would suggest, the the only "power" and object, a person or an ideal has "over" someone, or is reflected thru someone/something... is the power that oneself (or others) give that particular object, person or ideal (over themselves or others). 
  I have been involved with, to some degree or another, the SCA since about, 1984. I have lived in 4 different Kingdoms, various Shires, Cantons or Baronies in each... and within that, interacted with many many unofficial groups and households, etc. I have meet and interacted with hundreds, to perhaps thousands of people, (personally)... and yes participated with litterally as many as 10 plus thousand (say at a Pennsic War or 15 that I have attended).
  I think one could ask any individual among all the individuals, what their take on the SCA in general is/was and the idea that a Brass Hat endows/entitles the wearer with some sort of "power" and you would get a different answer, reasoning, logic and explanation from every person ya ever spoke with...
  However, within all those various comments, one could probably filter them all down to about 5 or 6 or maybe 7 outlooks, perceptions... and motus operandii... and so the power "given" to the Brass Hat would vary amongst these categories.
  IMHO, I think most SCA participate folks would fall into atleast one of these 6 or 7 Categories: This would include the Brass Hats which were of course the subject of the initial posting.
  1.The Party Animals: Pretty much straight up social critters, or those who just simply love belonging to a group or something larger than themselves... who also like camping out in costumes. Happy go lucky... just here to have fun and socialize! (This would be ME)
  2. The Semi-Psychos: Persons with some psychological need to be someone other than who or what they actually are in the everyday life. In many cases the line which divides reality from the "hobby" gets seriously blurred. They derive some sort of sense of power in the "fantasy realm of the SCA hooby", which only feeds the ever-growing madness, LOL!These people tend to live the SCA (persona) as their real life persona rather than the other way around. And in many cases put the "hobby" before all other things in their own "real"  World... to the point the SCA becomes their "real" World. And then the Real World becomes that "BAD DREAM" they have to sleep through, or muddle through, between SCA activities. (THIS would NOT be ME)
  3. The Scholars: Persons who are truly interested in history, learning/teaching, arts and crafts and the entire enchillada pertaining to ANY sort of period or historical re-enactment or study, (not only just the SCA time period). If the SCA did not exist, you best believe they would be doing some sort of similar activity... these folks are curious and crafty in the art/sci sense... they LOVE it. And they gain great satisfaction from the participation.(This would be ME)
  4. The Actors/Entertainers: Some who are truly just "acting" in some sort of a huge Play... and they play their role in said Play. And of course there are the people who just LOVE to entertain, be on the stage, or need/like/desire the attention. Whether they are good at it or not. All the Knowne World is a stage! (This would be ME)
  5. The Jocks: Those who are involved mainly for the unique SPORTS and competition, but who enjoy the fringe benefits of that participation... HEY, "Look at my bruise!" NoS--T, there we were!... etc... etc.. etc... (This would be ME)
  6. The Servants: Last but perhaps not least, nor most uncommon... People who do not fit into any other group outside of the SCA... because either they are way to much of a harmless. gentle, kind, "Just Want to Be Accepted", wierdo, geek, misfit, to fit in elsewhere in mundane society, or they could be like me... a person who just enjoys the freakshow, and fully participates as one the freaks... (please everyone laff at that, no harm or disrepect intended).
  7. Anyone who falls into more than one of the above, (I would call that) 
  Multiple SCA Category Priority/Disorder.  Which really isn't a bad thing at all...!!!! "Cause THIS is probably ME by my own admission, LOL!
  OH... Somewhere along the line, some silly pointy hat person Sovereign of a Kingdom, decided I should have this silly hat... many years ago. (They said) Could be Metal (I chose leather), and pointy-ish with Pearls on the points (less dangerous that way) to insure no self-inflicted wounds occured whilst I was practicing Category #1, of my "priority/disorder". I dunno if I even qualify as a Brass Hat (???)... I know I sure don't act like one most times... ( oooops! did I write that ?) 
  I think it is important in the "SCA hobby" to respect the Brass Hat for what it (supposedly) represents initially upon meeting a Brass Hat on any trail... however, I believe it is acceptable to dial and adjust the respect meter up or down.... once one KNOWS the wearer, and who and what they truly are (inside)...in their words and their deeds as a HMAN BEING. as time passes and familiarity is gained. Not unlike REAL LIFE encounters with persons who supposedly wield "power" or are representatives of some sort of "authority" eh?
  So OK, thanks (everyone) for letting me overcome my frustrations, thru the written rant/dissertation/ideation/and reply to the Subject Matter posted. I pray it be harmless. LOL!
  (Frustration) Which (by the way) was a direct result of having watched the Dallas Cowboys loose the Playoff game to the NY Giants this afternoon.... Now THAT was horrible, and I am smitten, cleeved in twain, stabbed deep unto mine heart with grief.... "No S--T, there we were!..." argh!
  Pay no attention whatsoever to any of my silly assertions... no matter how interesting (and or true) they may actually be!!!
  Best regards...
  Baron Wylfred of MorganVayle 

Ofelia  wrote:
  I agree! SCA is a way to learn history and play(role play). Let go of 
Real life for the weekend or for a day, but only a game. There is 
Competition but remember there is always competition in a game. The 
Point is to have fun and make friends and learn some history while you
Are having fun. 
HL Ofelia Rena le Fleming

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I don't' think I am to upset about the term Brass hats because most of us
wear brass. I think it might be a good reminder that we are make believe
nobility existing in the "historical reality" of a mundane club. When we are
working in the organization the SCA our hats really don't mean a thing. Of
all the "brass hats" only the Crown is also an officer with powers. 
I think people are taking the SCA to seriously. It is a club to study
history and have fun and learn. It is not a life style or and religion or
life code. When we make it into something deeper than a way to study history
we can fall into many traps
The first one being , the SCA as a life style. When the SCA becomes a way of
life then there is no difference between our mundane life and our society
life and our life in the recreation game. When that happens people start
judging our behavior in everyday life. For example many people have had
problems in their marriages. In the game of the Kingdom of Ansteorra this is
not proper for us to comment on because these things fall into people's
private mundane life. It is also improper to involved these thing into the
running of the Mundane organization the SCA. But if we are talking about a
code of life or "living the SCA" we are talking about applying this code to
everything we do. I personally have fought against this. I think when we
expect peers and nobles to live up to medieval values in their private life
then we have gone too far. 
I think we need to go back to stressing history and recreation of pre-17th
century events as a way of studying history and get out of the philosophy

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