[Ansteorra] How to help the West

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Sun Jan 13 21:15:44 PST 2008

All marshals appear on a roster.  Even just an inspecting marshal is 
acting as a safety officer on behalf of the SCA.  You can not have any 
marshal activity at anything SCA official  without having a Marshal In 
Charge.  Since they act officer on behalf of the SCA they must have an 
SCA membership.

You can have every little checkbox on your authorization card filled out 
but the moment your membership lapses you are not a marshal.  Renew your 
membership and as long as your authorization hasn't lapsed yer a marshal 

You can fight without a membership but you can not be the marshal in 
charge of anything without a membership.


Pat Mullins wrote:
> _To be a warranted marshal for a group you must be a paid member. it might even make some sense to require it of authorizing marshals. But if non-members can be authorized to fight they should also be able to be authorized as inspecting marshals. (Seems to me, anyway...)
> Paedric

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