[Ansteorra] How to help the West

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  The people of the groups that will be folding in with Trelac, are the 
working members and the core of the groups that were folded. They are or 
were the people getting the jobs done. By folding in with Trelac, it makes 
the reporting less tedious for all concerned. It will give the smaller 
groups some time to rest up from being officers and give Trelac a bigger 
officer pool.
  The biggest problem will be the distances involved in keeping groups 
involved with each other and working towards common goals. The second 
problem will be how to keep some of them still playing. For Trelac it will 
mean some way of keeping 3 - 4 former groups from just fading away.
  HE Chiang, currently without an office

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> But does Treloc have enough additional people willing to be officers
> of a barony, since a barony requires more officers than a Shire. The
> added populace might not be a good source of new candidates for the
> additional needed officers since these outlying groups would be so
> far away.
> I've yet to see anyone saying what the problem currently *is* in the
> Western Region, other than perhaps one of not having enough regional
> officers. Reshuffling the regions doesn't eliminate the work, it just
> pushes it off on someone else such as the regional officers of the
> expanded neighboring regions. Or having the groups report directly to
> the kingdom officers, which would increase their workload. I'm not
> sure who the people were who voted to destroy the region are, but
> that may be one reason the latter choice wasn't chosen.
> It is beginning to sound like the reason for this decision have more
> to do with making some folks jobs easier than being something that
> will help out the gentles of the Western Region.  I wish someone
> pushing this solution would tell us what the problem(s) are and how
> this solution is supposed to solve them. I don't like this "for your
> own good" explanation. I've heard too much of that from Washington
> lately.
> Stefan

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