[Ansteorra] New Complete Participants Handbook

Jean Paul de Sens jeanpauldesens at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 22:43:38 PST 2008

Just prior to end of their Reign, TRM Ulstead and Ebigardis signed into law
a revised version of the Complete Participant's handbook.  It contained
significant modifications to many sections of the rulebook.  The short list
of changes are here:

Section 1
All Reprints of the SCA Marshal Handbook have been moved to
Chivalric Appendices in Section 11
I.B. 2 – Clarified youth participation ages
I.C.7 - The following rule does not apply in Ansteorra, therefore it
has been removed from the Ansteorran CPH: At the discretion of
the Sovereign and the Marshal in Charge, an exception may be
made for marshals or other noncombatants to wear knives bonded
with peace straps.
I. III – Added Conventions of Melee Combat
I.IV – Minor Participating in Adult Combat section added. This
section establishes the procedure for minors authorizing as adults.
The procedures have been updated so that the process is the same
for Chivalric or Rapier combat.

Section 2
II.A.7.b. Clarified rule on forearm coverage
II – Deleted Rule requiring ½" of blue foam between splints on
split head rattan weapons.

Section 3 II. V. E. (former #3)
The following rule has been removed from the
Ansteorran CPH: For heavy rapier and Cut & Thrust , mail
Gauntlets shall be allowed as a parrying device, provided they are
constructed in a reasonably similar fashion to that of historical
examples. (i.e. chain mail and a leather glove, all chain mail,
etc.) A fighter will not be allowed to cover a glove with duct tape
and call it a mail gauntlet or anything likened to such action.
When wearing a mail gauntlet, the hand will be protected from
cuts wherever it is covered by steel.
VII. Shortened Marshaling section by referring to Section 10
Marshaling for All Branches and Section 1 Rules of the List.
VIII. Moved Cut & Thrust to its own section.
IX. Entire section on Minor Participation in Rapier re-written.
Added requirement for Youth Marshals to undergo background

Section 4
Added requirement for Youth Marshals to undergo background
Upped force levels for youth combat.

Section 5
Youth Rapier rules were incorporated into the Section 3, therefore
this section was removed.

Section 6
Combat Archery section revamped with new corporate rules.

Section 9
All Equestrian Appendices have been moved to Section 11.

Section 11
Created Section 11 – Appendices
Removed Section 11 - II.B.4.e regarding holds in a melee, and
added it into the melee conventions of combat.

There have been a *lot* of people working on these revisions, and it would
take a lot of time to thank them all, however special thanks should be given
to Don Dore, HL Claire Shayan, HL Rixende, Ritter Asoph, and Mistress
Gilyan.  While I apologize for the changes that have seemlingly been
occurring non-stop, I feel that we are getting close to being done.  We will
be attempting to finish all revisions before I step down, and there is
really only one or two more sections left to go.

Sieur Jean Paul de Sens
Earl Marshal.

"Write with nouns and verbs, not with adjectives and adverbs. The
adjective  hasn't been built that can pull a weak or inaccurate noun out of
a tight place."

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