[Ansteorra] How to help the West

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Sun Jan 13 22:50:20 PST 2008

Richard Threlkeld wrote:
> I believe it is a Marshal and a warranted officer of the group. The Marshal
> does not have to warranted to the group or even registered in the group, but
> someone must be. It does say these two may be the same person if the Marshal
> is warranted in that group.
> Caelin
Yes, one person can fill the shoes of being both a Warranted Marshal  
and a Warranted Officer from the sponsoring group.  But there must be a 
WARRANTED Marshal, not just some guy who has the marshals checkbox 
ticked off on his card. 

I went over this time and time again while I had my SCA Corporate 
marshals job.  There has to be a WARRANTED MARSHAL present for fighting 
activities to take place.  It does not have to be the branch marshal but 
is has to be a warranted marshal.  Throughout the SCA Marshals handbooks 
you can find that.

For example the Current SCA Marshals Handbook section  III.2.a says:

    /All fighters, prior to combat at each and every SCA-sponsored event
    or fighting practice, shall ensure that their armor and weapons are
    inspected by a _warranted_ member of the Kingdom Marshallate./

Or   IX.A.2  says:

    /Unless _warranted_ or rostered by the Earl Marshal as an officer of
    the kingdom, a marshal may not be the Marshal in Charge of an event
    or sign the paperwork to authorize fighters./

and IX.A. 6  says:

    _/All warranted or rostered marshals shall be members of the Society
    for Creative Anachronism Inc./_

The Marshal in Charge must me warranted.  Helper marshals don't have to 
be warranted, but for marshallate activities to take place there has to 
be a warranted marshal there to act as the marshal in charge.  The rules 
even make it clear that the helper marshals don't have to be warranted.  
XVI.2.e says:

    /It is relatively common for a Marshal in Charge to draft anyone he
    or she feels is competent to serve as field marshals during and
    event. Whether these individuals are warranted marshals is a matter
    of Kingdom choice./

and in the XVIII. GLOSSARY section it says:

    /Marshal: someone who is monitoring the conduct of combat on the
    field (The Marshal in Charge of an event shall be a warranted
    marshal; other individual marshals may or may not be, so long as the
    Marshal in Charge finds them competent to do the job.)/



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