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At 02:00 AM 1/14/2008, Alice Morrow Harris wrote:
>Greetings From Alina Unto All:
>On the schedule of the upcoming Round Table (Saturday January 19) is
>a closed meeting of the Financial Committee and Great Officer. What's
>the deal? Why isn't the populace not allowed to attend it? Why can't
>the populace be allowed to at least sit and listen to the meeting? I
>can't be the only person who would like to know the state of kingdom?
>Just Asking,

As a 501(c)3 the SCA and by default the Kingdom of Ansteorra must 
make their financial records public. Depending on the laws of the 
mundane state in which the meeting is being held such a closed 
meeting may not be legally allowed. Per a IRS sponsored seminar on 
TEO the only records of the TEO organization that are not open to 
public scrutiny are personal information on employees (such as health 
records, SSN, etc) and information that has bearing on any legal 
actions being taken (lawsuits filed against or by the TEO)

Generally speaking on the basis of 20 years personal involvement with 
non-profits and TEOs keeping things closed only leads to massive 
amounts of problems in the long run since the information cannot be 
kept secret forever.


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