[Ansteorra] Performance event (was Bards, Brewers, and Cooks (now with shopping!) )

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Mon Jan 14 08:01:04 PST 2008

Greetings all

I do not monitor this list as closely as perhaps I should and thus, it came
as a bit of a surprise at Coronation that I had been mentioned in the
previously referenced discussion.

At Steppes/Elfsea 12th Night I was informed that Count Gunthar Jonsson had
an idea for a event that included bardic by Mistress Gwyneth Blackrose, our
previous Minister of Arts & Science.  Mistress Gwyneth and I share a passion
for the Bardic arts -- a passion that led to her establishment of a Deputy
MoAS for Bardic & Performance, and my appointment to that position.

Count Gunthar shared with me his idea for an event that included bardic and
I shared my dream for a performance centered event.  It was immediately
apparent to me that our ideas were different.  Note -- the word is
'different' -- not 'competing.'  Immediately below is a copy of my post to
the Bard's List:

Greetings all

It as been a long time dream of Master Ulf and a somewhat newer dream of
mine to have an event centering on performance.  The usual argument against
such an event is that its draw might be limited without something to engage
the populace militant who, it is assumed, would be elsewhere given the
opportunity -- an argument that carries some weight, I believe, given the
regional fighter practice set against Stargate's Yule, and the absence of
some who I anticipated being present.

However, I believe it can be achieved and that Eisteddfod could be it's
center piece, with other of HL Alden's fine suggestions included as well.

Basically, the vision (as I see it) is a fete with merchants and food and/or
drink taverns -- ala a Gather for you Pern fans. There would be multiple
venues interspersed for instrumental music, dance, vocal and performance
arts and those who desire could wander as minstrels, jugglers and the like.
I see it as taking place in the low point of the fighting season but others
suggest a more moderate climate might be beneficial.

What say you, bards?  Can we make it happen?

My impression of Count Gunthar's event is one more along the lines of a
collegium of bards, brewers, and cooks, complete with classes  -- an event
that would have my whole-hearted support.  My dream is more along the lines
of a Current Middle Ages Faire.

I see these as separate events -- 'both/and' -- not 'either/or.'

With regard to fighting, with a little imagination and effort, an evening or
torchlight tourney with all the pageantry of a Pas d'Armes or round table
fits hand in glove with performance -- especially if verbal sparing and
great heraldry is encouraged or required for entry.  One of my fondest
memories is from a Crown Tournament in AS 32.  Then Count Kein MacEwan met a
certain pre-Count Sir Gunthar Jonsson in the semi-finals.  Sir Gunthar lost
a leg and the following exchange sang out from the field: Kein: "My brother,
will ye yield?" Gunthar: "I'd honor you as sovereign lord.  But you'll have
to have to take this field!"  Ah!  Great fighting!  Great poetry!

Let's work together to make them both happen!

Ihon Vinson macFergus, OL
Deputy MoAS for Bardic & Performance
Kingdom Bard
Lord of Stargate

" When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by
one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." Edmund Burke

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