[Ansteorra] Transparency. was CLOSED MEETINGS

Sir Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 14 09:10:31 PST 2008

So you CAN think of reasons why the doors should legitimately be closed.... 
Are you then saying you are choosing to believe this isn't one of those 
times?  I'm at a loss here...  Everyone seems to be saying they can see 
there are reasons for closed door meetings, and nobody knows for certain 
that "this" isn't one of those times.


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> I have heard from several officers (Baronial and Kingdom) lately talk 
> about not holding some discussions publicly because "things will get out 
> of hand".  Will some people go off on weird tangents or possibly bog 
> things down with what the officers feel are irrelevant?  Possibly.  Hell, 
> Likely.  That can still be handled diplomatically and things can be kept 
> functioning.  Is it more of a pain for the people holding the discussions 
> or making the decisions?  Absolutely, at least initially.  But it may save 
> other problems in the long run.  Other than the reasons previously stated, 
> I can think of no reason that ANY discussions are held behind closed 
> doors.  Even if most of us have no choice but to accept the decision made 
> by others in those discussions.
> Cuan

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