[Ansteorra] New Performance event

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Mon Jan 14 09:18:36 PST 2008

Ihon wrote:
> It as been a long time dream of Master Ulf and a somewhat newer dream of
> mine to have an event centering on performance.

Pleaase -- to have a *new* event centering on performance.  I've been to 
bardic colloquia, Autumn Fires, Kingdom Eisteddfod on its own, etc.  I 
think t's important to remember that this isn't something that's never been 
done before; it's something that hasn't been done in a long time.

What's the difference?  Well, the main thing is that WE KNOW WE CAN DO IT.

> The usual argument against
> such an event is that its draw might be limited without something to 
> engage
> the populace militant who, it is assumed, would be elsewhere given the
> opportunity -- an argument that carries some weight, I believe, given the
> regional fighter practice set against Stargate's Yule, and the absence of
> some who I anticipated being present.

Draw *is* limited.  That's a feature, not a bug.  We should get a cheaper 
camp and plan for a smaller crowd.  The specific goal for the event is to 
have a day when we're all doing the same sort of thing, rather than split 
into various activity groups.

> However, I believe it can be achieved and that Eisteddfod could be it's
> center piece, with other of HL Alden's fine suggestions included as well.

I love the idea for the event, but I suspect that Eisteddfod *cannot* be 
its centerpiece.  Eisteddfod takes several hours and is where virtually all 
bards are during that time.  In fact, if we get more bards there, 
Eisteddfod takes even longer.  Eisteddfod could easily supplant the Fair 
for several hours; it cannot serve as a mere centerpiece in the middle of 
an active fair -- not if we've achieved our goal of bringing people 
together who are focused on bardcraft.

If I go to the fair, I'd like the opportunity to, well, go look at the 
fair.  I actively don't want to sit in one place for hours.

Also, Eisteddfod is generally set at the end of the year, during lousy 

> Basically, the vision (as I see it) is a fete with merchants and food 
> and/or
> drink taverns -- ala a Gather for you Pern fans.

Could we please call it a fair instead of deliberately focusing on a 
science fiction setting?  Everybody here knows what a fair is.

> What say you, bards?  Can we make it happen?

Of course.  We can make *any* idea happen.  The question is this: *will* we 
make it happen?

Step one is for somebody to decide to be the event steward.  I have some 
ideas for other steps, but there are no other steps until we get to step 

We will make this event happen if somebody says, "I will be the event 
steward."  We will talk about it forever to no effect if nobody says, "I 
will be the event steward."

Unfortunately, I can't right now, or I'd jump in.  Anybody else?

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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