[Ansteorra] CLOSED MEETINGS...oops

Ian Dun Gillan ian1550 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 14 10:44:07 PST 2008

Well If I had correctly proof read my post before hitting the send button it 
was sent it might have sounded better. Please disregard the  previous post 
and instead allow the rendition here to stand as my opinion on this matter 
rather than the one that was initially sent.


Greetings All,
I have thought about the concern of a closed meeting and had to ask
myself...would I rather the business end of the SCA was taken care of in a
professional and efficient manner trusting the officers involved to do
their jobs correctly, or do I REALLY need to be there to be privy to every
minute detail of the administrative business of this Kingdom? Maybe you
should ask yourselves that same question. Exactly how important is it to you
that you are able to sit there and listen to ALL the details?

I know what my answer was, being the Baron of Northkeep, and having served
as both a local and regional seneschal, I can understand the need for a
closed meeting, especially if it is done to protect the identity of an
individual or individuals. I trust the Kingdom Seneschal and the Greater
Officers of State and I would hope that they would not knowingly break the
rules of this Kingdom, the SCA, or mundane law. I trust that any proposed
changes in an individual or groups status, or proposed changes in rules or
regulations that resulted from decisions made in any closed meeting
involving officers of the SCA would be made publicly known in as timely
and professional manner as possible. So given those considerations it is my
opinion that it is not necessary that all meetings of officers of the SCA 
be open to the general populace.

Ian Dun Gillan
Lord of Chemin Noir
Baron of Northkeep

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