[Ansteorra] Transparency. was CLOSED MEETINGS

Elizabeth Blackthorne eblackthorne at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 10:54:31 PST 2008

Well said Your Excellency,
As a member of one of the groups that is affected by one of those meetings,
this hits very close to home.  One thing we all need to remember is that
unlike most other corporations, the "court of public opinion" has little to
no effect on what is decided.  I as a member of Crossrode Keep, appreciate
all the conscern and offers of help I have recieved both on and off list.
However, I am going to ask, as a member of Crossrode Keep, for this to stop
publically.  I will continue to answer questions that I can off list.

These decision makers in question, probably are doing what they truly
believe is best, though I disagree, this is not the format in which to do
so.  I apologize for bringing this to the list to start with.  I was/am
angry and hurt, however the "sting" is almost gone and I can see more

As a member of Crossrode Keep, I would like the BOD to hear our case based
on it's merits, not based on a public outcry.  When/If our group survives,
it will be because we as a Shire proved our worth to the SCA as a whole, not
because any Rulers or GOofS are bad people who secretly conspired against
us.  It may be decided that how we were informed should never happen again,
it may be that more rules are made regarding procedure about suspending
groups.  It may even be that Crown's decision stands.  Any way this goes
down, I can promise 2 things,

1.  The SCA as a whole will win, no one in Ansteorra may like how they win,
but they will win.

2.  We will continue to be who we are, because that is who we are.  No laws
or decrees can remove an identity, or create one.  This is done by the
individual/individuals involved, not by titles awared or taken away.

Please all, remember that there are many on this list who are new to our
game.  This is the ugly political side we don't advertise, because you
playing this is a choice.  You can choose to just play and not be involved
politically.  You can just have fun!!

I started another thread so please take a look at it and post something
positive and fun, even if you continue on with this thread, remeind me and
others why you still play by re-counting your favorite event.

In Service,
L.Elizabeth Blackthorne
Member of the Shire of Crossrode Keep

On Jan 14, 2008 12:19 PM, Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I think the main problem right now is that several people
> are rather jumpy about announcements of decisions that
> have been made in secret and then announced as "for
> your own good".
> The notice of more "secret or closed door" meetings in
> light of the current mood of the kingdom may seem a
> little more suspect than at other times.
> Gunthar

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