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I agreed you about adopting medieval values into our real life. Many of us are attracted to the SCA because those values mean a lot to us, but I think it is  personal choice And shouldn't be the purpose of the SCA. 
Part of what I have been saying is an warning. When an individual declares they don't do history they are "living the SCA" they should not be surprised when their whole life becomes subject of talk. We can't have the privacy of a on game -off game situation or we can have the openness of life style community. 
The historical reality of the "the Dream" or the "reality of Ansteorra" allows us to distance ourselves from other people in the groups. Allows us to let the people we really care about become our real personal friends. I also allows us to distance ourselves from the politics that seems to go along with all social clubs. The acceptance of the SCA as a way of life makes every things personal and very serious. Persona becomes a dangerous thing to play. Even adopting period values become dangerous. Slowly we become more and more mundane until people cannot really tell the difference between everyday life and the SCA. 
We become a club were we may or may not learn things, wear funny clothes and hang out with our friends. There are many clubs that do that and you don't have to wear funny clothes. We stop recruiting because we do not offer anything special. In the old days we studied history by recreating pre 17th events. We offered the grandeur's of a romance and the excitement of action. We could be bigger than life. We could be heroes and we could shine. Of course we needed to take everything with a grain of salt when we wore working to set up events. People played their parts and we could watch history unfold. It was a lot of fun. 
Everyone didn't play every time or everywhere. There were a lot of people who just came to take classes, have discussions and hang out with friends, but at the same time they were doing this they could watch the action around them. There were candle light feast and campfires, bards and performers, fighters doing courtly things on the field and lots of other things. 
The new format is very modern and somewhat boring. There seem to be a lest creativity and much more personal feelings getting hurt. There is more politic because people are fighting for a life style not a chance to create part of the magic. 
Willow de Wisp

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