[Ansteorra] Transparency. was CLOSED MEETINGS

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Mon Jan 14 14:53:38 PST 2008

Would you agree that our events are "public"?  That as long as a person pays their entry fee (if there is one), that they can come in?

That being said, if they are disruptive enough, we can have them removed from the site.

Yes, a court isn't an open "meeting", but most of the time the trial is open to the public.  The basic principle stands.  Likewise, I've see people removed from churches in the middle of services for being disruptive.  Again, the idea of something open to the public yet retaining the right to remove people is not a new one.  In fact, it's rather commonplace.

Just because you may have a right to be there does not mean that you have a right to stay there.

---- David Whitford <dbw6969 at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> In the court system the duties and rights off the
> baliff are defined. The judge can also have everyone
> removed from the gallery for sensative testimony. A
> court is not an open meeting.
>  R

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