[Ansteorra] Closed Meetings

kandace harris thetexladi at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 14 15:15:25 PST 2008

      I believe you're right about this turning into a tempest in a teapot....However. I think everyone is still alittle sensitive after Middleford and now the Western Region.
       This goes back to what I have said before. "You can not have it both ways"  As Master Caelin pointed out, this is a "Royalist government". If the Crown chooses to have a private meeting....they can...that is the game we play and the price we pay for playing it .
      Believe me, I am the worlds worse about asking alot of questions, but even I know that there are private meeting everywhere the Crown and/or the Great officers of state are, at Events. And we don't bother with them there. 
     We do need to take a few steps back and think about this....I don't think this "private meeting' is about the Western Region....that is pretty well settle until the B.O.D. meeting in April ( I think ). So Until then ...business as usual.  And besides, the deal with the Western Region was not really all done in a "closed meeting"...there were a whole bunch of people that knew the West was being talked about and what was being said. I just think most of Us were so shocked and thought there were other alternative to take besides disbanding them and Middleford, and I still believe that. I also hope there are people out there willing to do something with B.O.D. and the Western region.
     But...We can not let ourselves get caught in the tit-for-tat paranoia...That is not going to work to any-ones advantage. I know there are changes coming...we just need to be on our toes and "help" with them. 
     Put your membership to good use....GET INVOLVED.. with your Canton, Shire, Barony or Household.
  Make the most out of it.
  Just my two cents,
george basore <murray_kinsman at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Dear Gentles of Ansteorra,
I have been following this thread closely, and it
seems to me that some people have misunderstood the
In explaining that some meetings require being closed
due to sensitive information being involved, Master
Phelim Gervase tried to explain that such information
REQUIRES that the meeting in question be closed, due to
stipulatios covered in the Privacy Act
(ie. Federal Law). He also pointed out that the ,non-
sensitive, financial and other information WILL be
made public shortly thereafter.

This issue is already turning into a tempest in a
Folks, we all need to step back, take a deep breath,
and and think about this carefully.
It is not a matter of the information 
The information REQUIRED

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