[Ansteorra] Bards, brewers and cooks

Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 17:13:47 PST 2008

> Now the the statement about bards and such being the ones who
> are working while all of us smelly fighters are having fun is a bit biased.
> Fighter types are always helping at events, even non-fighting ones.
> Look at this past 12th Night. Fighters were doing bardic, cooking,
> washing dishes, setting up, tearing down, cleaning, etc...
> At Steppes Warlord fighters are setting up, tearing down, helping
> in court, holding bardic, waterbearing, marshalling, running security,
> et al...
All very true. When I ran 12th night last year, almost all my "muscle" 
was fighters, heavy and light, and archers. I'm a fighter myself, and I 
was running a completely non-combat event. My kitchen staff consisted of 
artisans, with a couple fighters thrown in for color. As I recall, Sir 
Morgan acted as herald for much of the event as well. So, fighters will 
not only come to a non-fighting event, they will help make it happen.


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