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Richard Yeager chuymonstre at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 19:29:05 PST 2008

I will admit that I have lost track of some of this thread as it has evolved.  
I cannot and will not speak for others who have posted.  I will add my final "two cents worth" and leave it at that.  I did not question the use of "closed meetings" because of the recent events in the west.  Not to discount what the impacted individuals are going through but I have no investment in that situation.  I did not question the basic integrity of the crown or officers.  They are human and thus can be fallible.  I absolutely do not give a rat's knackers about any individual's misfortunes, misconduct, or mistakes being discussed at these meetings as has been suggested.  I could not care less about the lurid details.  I  have a life, a real one.  I am not interested in gossip about people I neither know nor to be honest, particularly care to know.  

Open meetings provide checks and balances as well as help the people making .the decisions maintain focus. Our system for picking leaders and high level officers is fairly closed and/or self-perpetuating.  It does not mean that good and excellent people are not in those posts.  It just means that a certain insider mentality can emerge.  Keeping as much of the Kingdom and Society business in the open can help keep that from causing problems.  Someone demanded my proof or documentation for wanting to limit closed meetings.  OK, start with the United Way.  Pedernales Electric Coop is another.  Closed decision making processes can lead to "group think" and other undesirable group behaviors.

It has been asserted that we have to just trust the crown and officers to make the correct decisions for us.  I think the crown and officers should trust us to be allowed to know how OUR society works.  We (or at least many of us) "pay to play" this game.  The Society cannot exist with a general populace.

If any feels the need to object, please feel free to contact me off-list.  I have stated my opinions and had several people misstate them in reply, question my motives, and/or my character. I see no reason to inflict another round of that on good gentles disinterested in reading more.

Cuan mac Niall
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