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Thanks it sounds like a fun event, even for me and I am not into fighting (too old, too slow, too small). Hope you enjoyed bringing back the memories and thanks again.

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To those of us not around for those events, your response was a tease (ok it 
was downright cruel). Why why why were they so good. Looking forward to the 


Baronman at aol.com wrote:
Tournament of the Nine Worthies I
Tournament of the Nine Worthies II
Tournament of the Nine Worthies III
Tournament of the Nine Worthies IV - I think there was a IV- kinda fuzzy on 
the final number
Don't throw events like that any more

Baron Bors of Lothian
Baron Loch Soillier
Malleus et Deus 

I have really dust off the cobwebs in my brain for this but here goes-

High persona fighting event- do we have any of these left anymore? 
Secret populace judges 
Over all populace judging 
Royalty judges 
Peer judges 
Consorts were judged as well as the participants 
Persona was maintained both on and off the field 
Field battle 
Barrier fighting 
Bridge fighting 
One on one fighting 
Castle battle- before real castles- used lots of bales of hay 
Bribery of judges was encouraged- not with money but in other various ways. 
At the end of the day nine fighters were chosen and awarded a Worthy. 
Each fighter chosen should have displayed the attributes of the Worthy 
through out the day. 
Co-sponsored by Loch Soillier, Star Gate and Ravens Fort. 
If you are not familiar with the Nine Worthies, you might want to Google 
I am sure that others who were connected with the event might jump in here 
and help refresh my memory.

Baron Bors of Lothian
Baron Loch Soillier
Malleus et Deus 

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