[Ansteorra] Regions and thier population base

Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Tue Jan 15 00:06:58 PST 2008

Pat Mullins wrote:
> Chris Dunham <cadunham at gmail.com> wrote: Exactly.  I guess 520000 people and the third largest city in the US (land)
> isn't major enough (and that's just OKC.  Not the surrounding cities.)
> Xavier
> Heck, no! Just over half a million people? Please! In Texas that wouldn't break the top 5, maybe not even the top 10. 520000 is just a minor metropolitan area, MAYBE a medium metropolitan area, but certainly not a major metropolitan area. ; )
> Paedric
520,000 is close to the population of Oklahoma City by itself, but it's 
less than half of the OKC metro area.  Here's the top 10 Ansteorran 
Metro Areas by population.  Regardless of the numbers, thank you Master 
Robin for your words of praise.


Ansteorra Rank 	US Rank 	Metro Name 	Main Cities 	State 	Population
1 	4 	Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex  	Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX 
MSA  	TX  	6,003,967
2 	6 	Greater Houston  	Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX MSA  	TX  	5,539,949
3 	29 	
	San Antonio, TX MSA  	TX  	1,942,217
4 	37 	
	Austin-Round Rock, TX MSA  	TX  	1,513,565
5 	45 	OKC Metro, Greater OKC  	Oklahoma City, OK MSA  	OK  	1,172,339
6 	55 	
	Tulsa, OK MSA  	OK  	897,752
7 	68 	
	El Paso, TX MSA  	TX  	736,310
8 	115 	
	Corpus Christi, TX MSA  	TX  	415,810
9 	127 	Rio Grande Valley  	Brownsville-Harlingen, TX MSA  	TX  	387,717
10 	130 	Golden Triangle  	Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX MSA  	TX  	379,640

In Service,
Baron Donnchadh

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