[Ansteorra] Travelling

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue Jan 15 05:51:17 PST 2008

Don Tivar wrote:
> Folks who *had* to leave early--say you had a ten-hour drive facing 
> you--did so, those who could stay later, did so.

And we appreciated those times you stayed until the last minute to get
in some Sunday rapier fighting, Tivar.

Do you older crowd remember caravan-ing?  How is it that we all have to
work so late now? *grin*

For the younger crowd... (did *I* just say that?) most events in-kingdom
were faced the way we face Gulf Wars.  A group of us would travel
together in packs of four or five cars, using headlight signals
(pre-cell-phone) when someone needed to stop.  When we got to site, we
helped each other set up and we would often cook meals together, as
feasts were still feared by the ptomaine-challenged of us.  Over supper
we would tell each other excitedly about what we had done during the day
then some would head forth into the dark to find The Fire (or tikis or
bunch of oil lamps...)

As there were fewer events locally, we hit the big ones around the
kingdom. You would find someone from Northkeep playing bagpipes in
Stargate or a Bjornsburg Viking having to explain himself to Her
Excellency Namron.

For those of us that have played for some time, we understand some of
what the Western Region was like, as it is similar to our own past.  And
whatever the outcome there, it will be our willingness to travel the
kingdom that ultimately keeps the kingdom together.  Friendships can be
formed online, but friendships fostered face-to-face are friendships
that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder.

Master Ulf
(Eeep! I'v gotta go to work!)

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