[Ansteorra] was : Regions/population.. now War

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Tue Jan 15 07:03:03 PST 2008

Quoting Rod Jackson <culn97 at yahoo.com>:
> Wonderful way to start a war with the Outlands!  Been trying to think of a
> reason for years!
> Colin

Just as an FYI - 

I travel to the outlands to visit family on a semi-regular basis, and have 
chatted with folks there about SCA sorts of things. On more than one occaision, 
folks have mentioned the old Outlands-Ansteorra war, and said that they would 
enjoy it if it started again.

- Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah
(who has family in Caerthe (Denver), Caer Galen (Boulder), and Bofharrach 

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