[Ansteorra] What was your favorite event?

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Greetings, My Lady,
26 July 1997, The Coronation of Kean II and Alisha II.
It was one of my first major events, and the Household that I had been invited to help form was in its glory!  Eight of us had formed House Trinity, and we had pooled resources and talents to make garb, furniture, and equipment to form a really tight, loose confederation of friends.  Not exactly a fighting household, though we had some fighters, not exactly an arts or science household, though we had some artisans and scientists.  Definitely a service household, because the more seasoned members taught us neophytes that service was of paramount importance.
We set up a really gaudy collection of throne-like chairs and tables for the feast.  We must have looked like Da Vinci’s Last Supper from Good Will.  We had this monstrous yellow pavilion (an Army GP Medium liner that Lord Philippe and Baroness Suzanne came up with) that served as our household “court.”  The Party in that pavilion should have been memorable, if I hadn’t had that much to drink.  My Lady Daughter, Lady Anna de Nice, decided that Poppa was a little soused when she found me trying to light my pipe with a flashlight.  Couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working……
I don’t recall all of the guests that wandered by the pavilion that night, but I do remember some discussion of several cloven fruit…..
And Lady Katherine singing….
And the magic that I had never encountered before, and rarely encountered since.
Contrary to popular opinion, none of us were Baroness Suzanne’s henchmen.  There was no clear “Head” of our household, and getting that bunch of rogues and rascals to agree on anything was a serious challenge.  Her Excellency was kind and gracious enough to lend us the value of her experience in the Society, and we heeded that advice, if it suited us individually.
We were a great group of friends, that eventually grew to a household of about 30 very different souls.  But we were primarily a military household in a mundane sense, and because of that commitment, we sort of drifted apart.
While we were going strong, we “caravanned” to events, usually leaving late on Friday nights.  I don’t think we ever set up our pavilion in the daylight, I doubt if any of us could.  It also seemed to be an unwritten, but strangely binding, law that we HAD to be making garb until at least 1 or 2 am on the Friday morning before an event.  One of us always needed garb.  Suzanne wanted us to look as good as we could afford.
I truly miss all of them.  And because of the mundane monster I don’t get to play as much as I used to, so I rarely see or hear from them.  But I think of them often and very fondly, for they created the magic for me.
Your servant,
Colin McCrandall
Of the (former) Shire of Tempio

Do, or do not. There is no try. -- Yoda

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