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Way back when HL Keyna and I were doing event planning paperwork in our 
computer room with 20+ floks in the next room.  She was accused of having 
"secret" meetings, she got fired, I'm personna-non grada, and Middleford is 
gone.  At this point, with all that has gone on the list...I find it most 

Who is having a BLAST with the Adrian Empire (I guess that's at least 20 
memberships not renewed)
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> While I rarely post to this (or any) list. I feel the need to do so now.
> With apologies to Lord Hewart, business should not only be done, but 
> should
> manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.  This is not for the 
> benefit
> of those conducting the business, but for those interested in the process 
> of
> business being conducted.  In this way they get to see how the Great
> Officers interact with the Crown and how things get decided and done. 
> Most
> are not that interested in what is actually done at all, except for those
> few items that directly affect them, but in how it happens.
> However over time, much of the business conducted at Red Tape is gone.  It
> now consists of listening to reports and going to classes / information
> dumps on various subjects.
> Based on some discussions I have been having with Sir Jean Paul on this
> subject, I have come to the conclusion that this closed meeting is not the
> issue.  The issue is that 90% of the business has already been done BEFORE
> Red Tape ever begins.  Most of the business, issues and discussion have
> already happened over email and mail lists between the GOofS and Crown.
> There are always some things that you don't want to put into writing but
> need to be said, and for this exchange, I endorse using a closed meeting.
> So the closed meeting is mostly a communications wrap-up to business that 
> is
> already completed via other communications.  For business to be seen to be
> done, we are going to need a solution other than opening the closed 
> meeting
> to the populace.
> Rhodri
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