[Ansteorra] A Real Anachronism

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I did a paper on the Plague in my Pathophysiology class last semester- it
was a real eye opener. An excerpt describing the etiology*: "** The bacteria
reside beningly in the digestive tracts of animal fleas Xenopsylla cheopsis
or Cortophylus fasciatus. (1)  Scientists are unable to explain the reasons,
but sometimes the bacteria multiply in the flea's stomach until it causes a
blockage, which the flea subsequently vomits into the victim's bloodstream
as the flea feeds.  It may remain quiet for years causing false reports of
its eradication; however the disease is never gone and can reappear at any
time. (1)"*
It can be transmitted to the animal host who can transmit to other animals
or to humans via bite or directly from the infected flea to humans. There
are actually three strains, Bubonic, pneumonic & septicaemic; pneumonic is
the major killer- 100% death rate if not treated in the first 24
hours. Fortunately the other two are easily treated with antibiotics (simple
cure huh?).  The real concern is possibility of fatal complications- septic
shock, meningitis, tissue death & bleeding, swelling of the pericardial

The main reasons we see less instances of the disease are modern standards
of sanitation, hygeine and preventative health education. However, the
potential focus centers for infection that remain a concern are still remote
and undeveloped areas.
And yes, bioterrorism is a huge concern. While a couple of remote cases are
easily contained and treated, an intentional international release would
have catastrophic results. Fortunately WHO and the CDC are aware of and
implementing strategy plans for such an event.
In sum, as with most contagious diseases, be aware of it (educate yourself),
practice proper hygeine both personal and environmental and if you have
suspicious symptoms see your doctor immediately.

Class dismissed :)


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Now this is a real anachronism...

Plague a growing but overlooked threat: study - Yahoo! News


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