[Ansteorra] What was your favorite event?

Robert & Tara Brinsfield daig73 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 21:54:23 PST 2008

In the many years that I have played in this organization, I have attended many events. If I were forced to single out just one that was my favorite, it would have to be my first "melee" type event. 
  I was a then member of the Shire of Blackmoor Keep in what was then, Meridies. I carpooled to Bordermarch's Autumn Melees with our seneschal (Lady Anastasia Byestewoede) and a few other officers of the Shire (Lady Alissa Kane, Lord Simon, Lord Charles, Milord Seamus). That was the event that had me pulling out the membership fees to make it official. (I had been playing as a "non" member for about a year before that) 
  Sitting up on the hill and watching two LARGE groups of fighters charge towards each other and then engage in hand to hand combat had me coming to my feet and cheering. It was better than football. (And anyone who knows me knows that is saying something, as I personally feel Superbowl Sunday should be a National Holiday) 
  I was good and hooked. Not to mention the privilege of meeting the Lady Valencia (she is so awesome), and so many others that year. I had the time of my life. That was Autumn Melees 1997 (AS ?). Someday I will drag myself back to Autumn Melees, and to at least one war, as soon as my smalls are older. 
  Lady Marguerite la Chanvierre
  Barony of the Eldern Hills

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