Emeline de Neville emelinedeneville at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 07:31:59 PST 2008

There has been a Closed Meeting at the start of every
King's Round Table and Red Tape that I have attended
in the past three years.  I've only missed one during
that time.

Closed Meetings don't bother me a bit.  I do not need
to know that Lord John writes bad checks, that
Baroness Joan doesn't do her reports and needs to be
replaced as Seneschal of Happy Shire, that Honorable
Lord Juan shouldn't be appointed Boffer Marshal of
Sunny Shire because his background check came back
negative.  I do not need to know these things, I need
to know these things are being taken care of.  By
having this meeting, I know they are.

I certainly realize that there are emails, phone calls
and 'meetings' going on at events that I am not privy
to, nor do I need to be.  The declaration of the
existance of this meeting, really doesn't faze me a


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