[Ansteorra] Estrella head count

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Thu Jan 17 13:37:06 PST 2008

Quoting Chiara Francesca <chiara.francesca at gmail.com>:

> Who is going:  Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah of the Northern Region

> whether you are preregistered or not :  Yes, I am preregistered - did so back 
in October. :)

> whether you told me already or not:  I am not sure; I've chatted about it on 
the lists quite a bit.

> whether you told anyone on entourage or TRM already or not : I have not done 
so, no.
> If you would please, indicate where you are camping or if you do not have a
> camping spot yet. : I am hotelling it in general, but have stand-by camping 
with my brother, who is part of the Queen's Guard of The Outlands and a member 
of Rhi Asfar & McKillinKay. I think a lot of his house is Guard as well, so 
I'll be in that general vacinity.

> So far the head count is:
> HRM Aaron
> Mushir Mahdi
> HL Chiara
> Lord Damon
- Zubeydah 

> And while you are at it what is your favorite Estrella story?

My first Estrella War:  2000.  I arrived on Friday, and got to see my first 
battle charge on Saturday. I had decided to waterbear, and was standing near a 
group of ladies, every single one of them wearing a coronet and dressed in 
stunning garb. I was clutching my waterbottles, and waiting for the fight to 
begin.  The lines were ready, and then.. the charge. The ground *shook*, the 
air itself trembled as the two sides charged towards one another.  I started 
hopping up and down with excitement, not even realizing it, saying over and 
over, "Oh, Wow! Oh, WOW!!"  The royal ladies looked over at me and sort of 
chuckled at my very 'newbie' enthusiasm. One of them said something to the 
effect of, "I'll bet she isn't that enthusiastic by the end of the day..."  But 
you know what?  I was.  And I still get that gleeful hopping delight when I 
watch a full battle charge, or when I see two fighters make their salutes 
_like_they_mean_it. When I see graceful figures sweeping across the floor in a 
dance, or a bard performing by firelight. I won't call it a 'dream'... but it 
is a place I love to be a part of.

- z

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