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Heh I remember that one!! I was there!

We got thrown into one of the RV's that night to brave the floods and the
flowers that bloomed across the field the next day were a sight to see.
Breath taking, a Valentine's day filled with flowers on the fighting field.

Chiara Francesca

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Best event?  Hands down Gulf Wars XIII.  After playing for 17 years I
finally got to go to Gulf Wars.  I was living out of kingdom and had to
drive 11 hours in a little bitty pickup with uncomfortable seats.  We made
it on site Wednesday and met with a bunch of my friends from the northern
Outlands.  That afternoon, we spent the day running around in Hattiesburg
getting our marriage license in garb ( I know its not right, but I love
playing "Freak the Mundanes).  Thursday we played and had tacos and margs
(camping with Legio ROCKS!).  Friday I finally survived a melee at a war,
got my belly shaved and cartoons drawn on it then was sold at a slave
auction to a complete stranger.  Saturday morning I was squired on the
field, broke a rib in the next battle, and then married the bestest woman
ever Saturday night.  Yep, it was a pretty cool event!

Best Estrella?  I think it was 2002.  We made the trip from Seawinds in a
little less than 20 hours, set up a replica Roman hill fort in the rain, and
then it flooded...  really, honest and for true, flooded in the desert at
Estrella Mountain Park.  My soon to be wife had to be corralled in the BFT
to keep her from catching pneumonia.  We had rounded up a dozen or so from
the surrounding (lower lying) camps and had them set up for the night in the
BFT so they would stay dryish, and fed soup and cocoa til we couldn't stand
anymore.  Lots of great fighting all week, tacos and margs Thursday night
(did I mention camping with Legio ROCKS!?).  Watching fire dancers in the
rain is actually pretty cool.  Surveying the camp from the top of the three
story fort set on a little rise was incredible!  All the way home we
listened to new Viking Home Companion cds.  It was a marvelous trip, but
then every Estrella I have been to was incredible in one way or another.

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