[Ansteorra] Regalia vs. Insignia

Colin MacNachtan colin at mccr.org
Fri Jan 18 06:32:16 PST 2008

On Friday 18 January 2008, Jay Rudin wrote:
> But I'd rather just call them by a modern word than some cute euphemism
> anyway.  If the herald makes the announcement that we need to move our cars
> from the list field, that's a brief modern intrusion.  If he instead tells
> us to move our "dragons", then we are reminded of our cars just as strongly
> (or the announcement failed).  The intrusion is just as great, with the
> added silly joke to emphasize that it's not real.

I agree.  "Dragon" is more jarring than "car".

I prefer the word "vehicle".  It properly conveys the message of "what you 
rode in to get here" while allowing us to imagine the appropriate 
wagon/carriage/whatever fits our persona.


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