[Ansteorra] Regalia vs. Insignia

Lori Campbell countesskat at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 10:58:52 PST 2008

> > I have encountered some rather militant opinions 
> > that say "smalls" is both not period and condescending 
> > to children... 

Isn't it funny that they should be so offended by the word "smalls" in
relation to young people, yet they turn right around and refer to their
own as "kids"...

You know.... baby goats...? Sometimes I wonder if this was a period
practice but I'm too lazy to look it up.

~ Kat  >^.,.^<
(who has called the children around her some far more condescending
things than "small" and they don't seem to mind. In fact, they were
downright amused...)

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