[Ansteorra] Car vs Dragon.

Lori Campbell countesskat at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 11:42:37 PST 2008

> stories like "I remember the night I saw Don Donavon,
> *four sheets to the wind*, riding a dragon around site...." 
> by the way.... no mater how to tell it, the above is a very 
> good, and VERY true story. :)
> Ivo Blackhawk

Surely you must be mistaken... the premier (and only) Holder of the
Sable G-string? Drunk and rowdy??? Nah, couldn't have happened...

(Don't worry, D, I got your back) :) - Thank God he isn't subscribed to
this list or he'd kill us both. He isn't, is he?

~ Kat  >^.,.^< 

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