[Ansteorra] Dragons wagons and cars, oh my! (was: Regalia vs. Insignia)

Robert Brown texas_roberttash at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 23:43:46 PST 2008

In "Emergency" Situations, I think car should be used.
  I remember an event where some local mundanes came around and were making some trouble around dusk.  The campsite was only semi-private so everyone was used to a vehicle going through now and then.  They had gotten through to one end of the site, turned arond and decided to have some fun on the way out.  They ran over a dome tent early on, and as they approached the entrance, knocked over a merchant pavilions front legs and merrily ran people off the road.  They had also dropped someone off in the parking area and several tires were slashed.  All anyone could remember was the pick-up had one head light out because a witness to the first bit of mischief had followed it through the sit calling out "Beware the One-Eyed Dragon!"  While this was ostensibly to maintain atmosphere, it promptly got the truck ignored until the shattering of glass was heard as it rolled through the merchants wares.
  While I shudder to think what may (and most assuredly would) have happened to the young lads in the truck, Had anyone been a little slower to notice when it sped up to get away, it could have been bad.  "Look out for the Truck!!" would have worked better.
  Alternatively, "Get 'em"

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