[Ansteorra] What makes a favorite event?

Lisa ladyemp at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 20 02:58:48 PST 2008

I think my favorite event was Protectorate 2004, the first event my husband 
and I attended after the accident that put him in a wheelchair.  The thing 
that remains vivid in my memory, and quite a few others from what I've been 
told, was a completely unrehearsed, ad lib persona skit that expanded to 
include Ulf and Maleah and the King and Queen at the time.  Our household's 
head is a Turk... during feast, he attempted to purchase a young lady from 
her household's head and they were negotiating price when other members of 
her household overheard the conversation and became very upset over the fact 
that the Head of house intended to keep the price (which included several 
bottles of my husband's mead) to himself.  They then took the issue to Ulf 
and Maleah who brought the young lady's head of house to a "thing"... his 
offense was not selling the young lady, it was his inclination to hoard the 
proceeds instead of giving barony and crown their fair share.  The Thing was 
held and the young lady's head of house was convicted and "beaten" by Syr 
Owen (at the time Lord Owen), although our head of household was exonerated 
due to the fact that "he's a Turk and that's what Turks do".  The young lady 
involved has told me since this event that that Protectorate was her first 
event and she will never forget it... it set the "dream" for her.

Elizabeta of Rundel

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