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Sun Jan 20 08:13:48 PST 2008

C.W. McCall, (uh-oh there goes my redneck voice again) waxed philosophic on one of the tracks on the Black Bear Road album (yeah, it was an eight track).
He was talking about being in a camp several thousand feet up in the Rockies (best cup of coffee I ever had was at about 11,000 ft. on Cuchara Pass just West of Trinidad, Colorado on the way to Cheyenne, Wyoming with my Squire Nevelle ) and watching the Northern Lights and recalling the good times he had on this particular trip to Colorado. At the very end of the piece he made the reflective comment that life is a chain of memories.  He may have had a valid point of view...Just a thought.

Sir Ian

DonnelShaw at aol.com wrote: Sir Ian spoke of Old timer's and New comers. That the old timers look for  
the moments. My moments in time. Sitting around the fire listening to the riddle 
 off that Count Jan sending out riddles to be solved. The next day there was 
a  cattle raid. Listening to House Fallow Moon all in persona talk among them  
selves. Ragnar Tell us a story.Wondering from camp to camp asking permission 
to  enter a camp. Then not being able to leave without your drinking horn 
being  filled. You could not get from camp to camp without someone offering to 
carry  your drinking cup and escorting you. And everyone knew it was 2am at Camp  
Burnnet because you could hear Marie, Brainy and Kemreth sinning when they 
got  there. And OH to listen to Sir Ricardo give speeches.................... 
and how  you wanted to make sure you were camped on the other side of the camp 
ground  from him. The man could snore. These are all very first memories. All 
of these  are magical moments. 
Then there are the memories of clearing trees and making banners side  beside 
my friends in Elfsea. We built a group. That was one of the best times of  my 
life and I will always treasure those times and friends. Cleaning out the  
underbrush and making fires to the sky. Sitting beside everyone around the  
campfires having dinner after workweekends.. banana boats anyone? Going as a  
group to the first Gulf War. Getting water to those who were down in the woods  
and getting those who were down out of there. 
The meetings at Aurthor and Robins Apartment/House to make sure everything  
was done. The dead Ant dance. 
Somewhere here while I was gone with young children things changed
Now are the memories of watching HE Fritz dance at Warlord(I have  pictures). 
Watching Little Miguel not be so young and become King of Ansteorra  and 
during the ceremony that is so wonderful his lovely Queen Conel had  killed the 
dragon and come down and claimed her place. The events at Caslton are  
wonderful..........  seeing all the children in youth combat working so  hard. Loch 
Rudh sitting on the side lines cheering their children year after  year. Having a 
child stand in court and thank me. Seeing my son on the field at  Gulf War 
with my husband fighting as a combat archer beside his father. Watching  my 
daughter as lady in waiting to her Majesty Valariea. 
Once the children are grown and I have more time I hope my memories will  
change again. I look forward to building them. 
If you notice the memories change as we change in our lives and our outlook  
changes. It does not make one worse than the other. One wise person said to 
me.  "Perspective is everything." 
Her Grace Willow is correct we have moved away from the persona play we did  
from years ago. It does not happened as much. There are a few of us that  
remember and when we see it we look at each other and smile and nod our heads.  It 
warms our hearts.  We have developed into a different kind of society  than 
when I first joined. Everything changes something's good something's not so  
good. But it is what it is. 
Would I like to see more persona play? OH YES Please!!!!  Am I good at  doing 
it? I wish I was. 
In  remembering the past don't forget the future. 
Remember the  past created the present and we must respect the past to 
understand the future.  

Faith is believing what the eyes cannot see. ~~~~Michael of  Langley

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