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We have a very active youth population here in Bryn Gwlad.  We often have youth activities including boffer and archery.  Since the kids know each other through these things, even when there are not "official" activities, the kids often bring thier gaming stuff and get together for some role playing or just "hang out" depending ont thier ages.  There will be some classes at Candlemas that are appropriate for older children, and by that I mean elementary aged and up.
  As the mother of three, I found it hard to get the kids involved when we lived in a smaller group.  I encouraged them to do water bearing and help in the kitchen, or I watched the list with them and tried to explain.  It is much more enjoyable for them now that they go to certain events to see thier SCA buddies, just like I do.<G>
  It is definately harder to get really involved with an SCA group if you have kids and there is nothing for them to do.  My husband and I spent many years until the youngest was elementary aged "trading" event weekends so that one of us could go play while the other did more "kid friendly" stuff mundanely.

Quill <gray.quill at gmail.com> wrote:
  How many LARPers does it take to take down an angry Italian child armed with
a sword?
Quite a few it seems.

But seriously, I'm not just spamming the list. I was wondering what the
attitude of the kingdom was toward children in general is. (This would be
anyone required to be accompanied with an over-21 at events.)
There are those who have them, and there are those who don't, those who
technically are and those who until recently /were/ children. I myself fall
somewhat into the latter category (no I don't, I was born old, it just took
everyone awhile to catch on) but more importantly to me, I have younger
brothers, (4, 8, and 16) who want to follow their "little big brother" to
events (I asked one of them what he thinks he wants to do - he said he wants
to be king, so look out people!), and I'd love to take them, but I'm curious
to know what kind of world they'd be entering.
So a couple things to think about in answering: what are your attitudes
toward children (especially those of other people)? What is there - in the
SCA or at any given event - for children to be involved in? What do we do to
not just make room for them in our dream, but make them a /part/ of it, and
make ourselves a part of their dream? And to those of you who were "born
into the Society"... what keeps you here?

((I know I'm going to regret this when I get inundated with responses; my
inbox is sore already.))
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