[Ansteorra] What makes a favorite event?

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 20 09:23:40 PST 2008

How are others going to learn the proper way of speaking, learning a 
persona, etc if people who have been active for years just give up?  I adore 
Sci-Fi because it allows me to escape into another realm.  If everyone who 
has been active for years and has a persona then why couldn't they take a 
new person under their wing and help them discover another realm of 
'reality'?  Sponsor someone, help them.  Apprentices have been around 
forever.  Children were exchanged between households as surety and to learn 
things that could not be taught by their families (as well as not being able 
to feed them due to poverty).

I understand being discouraged.  The work I used to do was extremely 
stressful and had a high burnout rate.  I made it 17 years before I retired 
and that was with a couple of working somewhere else in-between.

My perception of the SCA is based on what I have listened to from others who 
have been in the SCA for decades.  That is the SCA I joined.  If I make new 
friends along the way, great!  If people don't like me, too bad because I'm 
not going anywhere.

As to persona I picked a 'real' name based on my ethnic background.  How do 
I develop my persona if there is no one to help guide me?  Books can only do 
so much, it is the people that make things 'real'.  People who remember the 
Old Ways are needed just as much as new blood.

Runa of the Thundering Herd

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willod de wisp wrote:

>in the last five years things have gotten a little mundane. First there is 
>almost no persona. I am happy for people who just love to hang out with 
>their friends and enjoy >wearing costumes. I joined for a historical 
>reality and a escape from the real world. I want to talk to people and play 
>my part.

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