[Ansteorra] Magic Moments

Susan swieland3 at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 20 14:25:41 PST 2008

Jay Rudin wrote:
> Imagine two people watching the same fight:
> Person A: Look at that.  Sir John is wearing sneakers.  And Lord James's 
> fighting technique is so mundane.
> Person B: Sir John is using Fiore de Liberi's longsword technique, and 
> making it work!  And isn't Lord James's fluted armor stunning?
> 1. Who is focused on the 21st century, and who is focused on the period?
> 2. Who will encourage more people to do authentic things?
> 3. Who would you rather listen to?
> 4. Who is having more fun?
Robin, your missive reminded me of a one of my own, "you are there" 
moments.  It was a Pennsic.  I was fighting in the main battle.  Barn & 
Kat were Crown.  The "moment" was a culmination of several moments.  I 
had never been in an army before.  But as we stood shoulder to shoulder 
before the "Lay on" cannon was fired, there was a roar that began to 
sound.  It started slowly and engulfed us like a wave.  Sword and shield 
folks were yelling and beating their shields.  Spearmen were raising 
weapons to the sky and yelling with excitement.  As I joined the 
throng,  I had several memories pass through my mind;  the previous 
evening when we all met with King Barn to discuss tactics;  having armor 
inspection from Sir Baden;  reminders from Sir Kein to stay hydrated;  
Then the boom from the cannon.  We followed Sir Kein who began running 
across the field.  I wasn't Susan anymore and I had forgotten that I 
didn't like to run.  I was Damaris of Greenhill, serving in the 
Ansteorran Army and my goal was to help my comrades in arms, take the 
hill.  Alas I was one of the expendable ones.  But the "moment" will 
always be with me.

I don't remember if I even saw anything mundane.  I was in the 
Ansteorran Army.  And I was proud to serve.  It was glorious.

Thanks for reminding me of that time.

Mistress Damaris

Whatever it is you might think you have, 
You have nothing to lose.
Through every dead and living thing time runs like a fuse.
And the fuse is burning,
and the earth is turning.
                  -Jackson Browne-

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