[Ansteorra] children and teen activities in the SCA

Deborah Wade rhiannonferchcian at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 20 15:26:59 PST 2008

During the time that I've been involved in the SCA role that we expect our children to play has changed. 

Currently, if you want teens and children to participate the parent (responsible adult) has to be willing to take time from his or her chosen activities to ensure that their child has the opportunity to participate.  Teens can and will participate in anything that interests them if you give them a chance and most of the ones that come to events are extremely well behaved and appreciate it when someone takes the time to work with them individually or as a group.  I know that Jacquelinne has always appreciated the time that Dons and other rapier fighters take to work with her as a young fighter.  She will come and show me what she learned the next time we practice then teach it to the other kids in Rosenfeld.

If you came by the kitchen at Coronation you could have seen up to 5  teens working in the kitchen.  They chopped, stirred, mixed and cleaned all day long.  Four of thesm were on the Youth Rapier field as soon as they were able to fight.  They participate in all of the activities that an adult can as long as their respective adult is willing to giveup a little time and participate in what the youth wants to do.  

The key for any teen or child is to get them involved in whatever interests them this week it may and will change over time.  

Rhiannon ferch Cian

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