[Ansteorra] Thanks to our Youth

Celeste Shelton teacherceleste at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 17:03:20 PST 2008

The boys who helped you will indeed hear your kind words.  The 4 boys were His Majesty's son Alex, my son Ambroglio, Gwyneth's son Zach, and a very nice young man named Robert (forgive me that I don't know his parents).  These boys said they simply noticed you were having trouble with the pavillion and knew they could help out.  I had no idea they had done this but knew they were the ones in the hall gaming and asked this very evening.  This is one VERY proud mother at this moment.  :)
<snip>> At Coronation, four young men were playing a D&D> like game in the hallway where Mistress Elin's vigil> took place. Without prompting they left their game> and helped us clean up, for which everyone in House> Bloodstone was thankful for. When we were done, they> went back to their game and the game did not "intrude"> on anyone one. Since I did not get their names, I> would like to thank them now and hope they see this> post. > > In Service,> HL Hanna von Dahl> 
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