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Susan McMahill sueorintx at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 18:03:17 PST 2008

Magic is what you believe with your heart, not neccessarily with your eyes. Personally, I find magic in virtually every event I attend. It may be only a moment or two, but it is there, no matter how 'mundane' the site. 
I will celebrate the sixth anniversary of my first SCA events this year and I love the 'game' now as much or more than I did the first time I went to an event. My heart and mind CHOOSE to make each event magic, whether others see it that way is their problem.
In the long history of this organization, we have grown in so many ways. No longer do our fighters use carpet armor and freon can helms. Our safety record is amazing considering the kinds of game we play. Fighting has changed. Armor has changed. There are reasons for this. Once upon a time, fighting was 'real.' People got hurt, sometimes seriously. My own Lord was a victim of these days when he took a blow to the knees back when knees were not protected by hardened knee cops. As a result, he had surgery and had months of convalesence and has not been able to fight for many years because of the damage done. I am glad to see the improvements. 
I don't get a chance to watch as much fighting as I would like, often because I am on the archery range, marshalling. The fighting I do see, however, doesn't look particularly unreal to me. I still hold my breath when a shot looks particularly hard or seems to cause a fighter more than a routine bruise, and cheer (at least inwardly) when both fighters rise and shake hands and leave the field as friends. This is magic.
I love the A & S displays. Wow! what amazing abilities some of our friends have. I want to learn it all, but know that I don't have the time, discipline, money, or skill....Magic...it's here, too.
Watching as a gentleman, without a word, picks up or takes a burden from a lady. Perhaps she is new enough to not even have her AoA, and he a knight or duke or a typical teen also without being asked, offers to help set up a pavillion or serve a feast....these are magic.
I have dined with the King and Queen as the guest of the newly appointed Royal Huntsman...WOW!!! that was a magic moment!!! How many people sup with a Queen and share child-rearing and childhood stories. It's been three years and I still am amazed!
I have watched as my friends were called before their sovereigns and were awarded rank, precedence, and honor. I can't think of anything more magical than that....unless it has been getting that summons myself. Each time it has happened, I have been awed, overwhelmed, swept up and away....Yep...magic.
Each Coronation that I have been able to attend, I cry with sadness at the departure of the old Crown and weep with joy at the crowning of the Heirs as they take the Sable Thrones. The Lion's challenge, The Roses welcoming their new member, The releasing and renewing of the fealty of the Knights and Peers.....I often shed a tear at each. If this isn't magic, I don't know what you would call it.
I have met the most amazing people. Count Simon and His lovely Countess, Tessa. Sir Karl and Mistress Kasilda, Master Don Robin of Gilwel, Master Modius and Countess Sara, HL Jean Paul de Calmont, HL Moreg (who sadly has moved to Meridies) Count Gunthar, I could count people by the hundreds and still have more to mention. Most of them, I only see at events somewhere far from our home, or theirs. This is the only chance we often have to catch up on each other's lives, both SCA and modern. I'm sorry if our chat of life outside the SCA disrupts the ambiance for some, but quite honestly, tough! Mostly we talk of things that have been going on around us, but we do share things about our non SCA lives, too. If it takes that little to 'ruin' things for some folks...well they need to re-evaluate what the SCA is about. 
A couple of years ago, I met my knight in shining armor. He may not be in armor anymore, but he is a Knight and he shines with all the light in the world for me. Sharing the dream together is definitely magic. Finding a soulmate is magic. Being proposed to at your first Gulf War and having a shooting star slice the sky during court immediately afterwards...magic.
And finally, at the close of every court, having my heart swell with love and pride...Long live the Queen, Long live the King, and Long Live ANSTEORRA!!!! 100% pure unadulterated magic.
Lyneya de Grey.
Well-behaved women rarely make history.

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