[Ansteorra] Persona Play/Favorite Event

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Sun Jan 20 19:23:54 PST 2008

"We used to do more of that. We had activities where we talked about playing the 
game. Willow de Wisp"

Indeed we did, Your Grace...  Lady Donnel touched on this earlier - In the Shire of Elfsea, 
we had "work weekends" at the old site out by Weatherford (Diamond B Ranch, I think?)... It 
was hard work, done by the members of the Shire working together...  In the evenings, we spend 
time around the fire, talking about the Society, persona, history and many other subjects that would 
add to the experience of the SCA...  I haven't seen anything of the like at events in the recent past,
and fear we may have lost a small piece of the Dream in not doing things like this...  To me, my favorite 
"events" were those weekends that we prepared for Springfair or Kingdom Warlord...   It was there that I
learned to reach for the Dream and learned that we (the Shire) were more family than friends, in most cases.

But this is but the view of one person...     Respects to all,   Iain  "Faith, Honor & Kingdom"

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