[Ansteorra] Speaking of Children

Kaitlan Roisendubh kaitlan_kiera at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 20 20:14:57 PST 2008

My children love to go to practices and even populace meetings.  Though my oldest is now in West kingdom, my husband and I take our youngest to fighter practice when he is home.

He is 16 and would really like to fight but because of him being deaf he can't.  Many of our fighters will play with him with light sabers since ( I know that they are not period but is safer than a rapier).  We do not take him to events because of his autism on top of the deafness.  Since not many people sign specially kids his age, he does not do well with others, though is getting better.  He has learned at practice though how to behave and usually does well.

With practices on hiatus he actually gets upset on Sunday when he is home when we are not ready to go to practice by noon and will argue with us about it.  As his manners and such are getting better we will probably start taking him to day events but anything longer than that he would freak out.  I know that if the event had children's events he would like that even though he is 16.

He goes back to school every weekend he is with us telling his dorm mates what the fighters and sword men as he calls it has done that day.  the first time his brother took the field he was ready to kick some butt with his big brother, was cute and I have learned he can now run faster than me and hold doesn't work when he can't see the sign, thankfully the other fighters could.

We are thinking of teaching him target archery to keep him busy, who knows maybe he will be one of the top archers of the kingdom one day.


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