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Mon Jan 21 06:54:52 PST 2008

I don't particularly like *most* children -- especially rude, noisy children. 
Much of that comes from growing up in a home where children were seen but not 
heard, reinforced by the application of a belt, in puritanical New England. 
Seeing kids running amuck at events was a source of ingrained irritation and 

So I decided to try and do something about it, with a vast amount of help from 
House Halfiras and Syr Owen ap Aeddan and his squires, among others.

Last year, at Northkeep's Castellan event, there was a "Young Ladies Salon and 
Tea" and we had twelve girls attend. They enjoyed lessons on how to curtsey, 
how to sit down when wearing a skirt, how to use 'inside voices' and got to 
hear and participate in round table discussions on the qualities of a lady - 
from both a female and male perspective. There were handouts. Each young lady 
received a gift basket filled with items essential to every Lady: a mirror, a 
favor to give, a fan and hanky, etc. We then had a delightful and delicious 
lunch, where table manners were discussed. We went over materials provided by 
the ever gracious Tessa of the Gardens. We got to demonstrate our curtsies for 
His Royal Majesty. It was a very special time, even for someone who doesn't 
particularly like children. :)

At this year's Castellan, there will be a "Young Gentleman's Salle" for boys 
ages 7 to 12, set around the same sorts of themes: Gentlemanly behavior for 
young boys, how to bow, ways to increase one's manners, taught by individuals 
who are examples to those around them. I hope that it will go off as well as 
last year's event.

I figure I don't like the problem... so the only thing to do is to help create 
a solution.  Three birds (noisy kids, nothing interesting for them to do, and a 
lack of interest in THEIR persona development) with one stone seems like a good 

If you're interested in more info on the Salle (or Salon), have a child who 
would like to participate (first 20 rsvps only), or would like to be a guest 
teacher, please contact me off list.

- Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah

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