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Richard Taylor king_of_dragons76010 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 08:33:53 PST 2008

Persona Play is something that is different for
everyone and has it's different levels, but it is
something that is part of the SCA to its core.  Aren't
we suppose to be taking on a role of someone from the
Middle Ages to be able to play this game? I think a
major problem is that many do not understand that they
already have some kind of small persona or the basic
outline for them already created as they start getting
awards. Remember in Ansteorra we are no matter what
are nobles and have right once we have full filled the
requirements able to fight to become king or queen.

For me I see that being a peer requires at least a
higher level of persona play because their status
creates the basic form of the persona for them.  Peers
are the leaders of the community and role models for
those wanting to advance. No matter who they or what
they do, they will alway be that and should be the
ones being curtous, giving respect to those with title
(even if they do not like the person or having
conflict with them)and taking an active role to guide
everyone to teach every aspect of being a peer to

You also get how can someone be someones student,
squire, apperiences, or protege with out taking on the
persona of that. They are learning to become a peer or
learning to master a skill.  With each step of
learning and mastering they are becoming more of a
leader and should be following the same path of that
of a peer no matter what.

Even those that only have an award of arms or just
starting have a persona to play even if they are just
watching and learning still.  

There is a lot that has to be done to make an event
livable not everything is period, that is way we look
at the SCA at recreating an ideal Medivel period.  TO
be able to create that feeling there has be some
persona play,  we have to go out and play the parts
that we are willing to play.  If you are a 12th
century warror you should know what is going on in
your time period a little and be able to talk about it
if it came to that.  A peer of the realm should be
able to take the leadership role, entertain, and keep
things going no matter what they got their peerage in
and be able to understand their time period.  A member
of the Royal family needs to be able to take that a
step higher while the king, queen, prince and princess
needs to take that step even higher.  

Then more to this Ansteorra has it's own persona, we
are the land of heros, our people no matter what they
do have that persona.  I am saying that we don't need
to just go start talking about or lives outside the
SCA at all times and try to work on the feel we are
trying to create, what point is the SCA as the Society
for Creative Anachronism if we are talking about our
real lives all the time.

That is how I feel it should be and what I try to
follow by presenting myself at a higher level to work
on creating the feeling of the Middle Ages. 

Lord Richard DeLaufyson 

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