[Ansteorra] Events in the Last Five years

wiselaw at comcast.net wiselaw at comcast.net
Mon Jan 21 11:36:08 PST 2008

I might suggest that it isn't an either/or situation.  While some events strive to create a very specific ambiance, 'persona play' can be as simple as maintaining an awareness of what you are doing at an event.

Events are an opportunity to catch up with friends, some of whom we know personally and professionally outside of the SCA.  As such, it is easy to 'be mundane'.  However, they are also an opportunity to create a setting where we strive to present the 'best' of the 'middle ages'.  While it is easy to get drawn into a discussion of what is 'period' vs. what is the victorian notion of the middle ages, there is common ground on exalting the courtesy and prowess that is generally described as chivalry.

Taking the time to put together a surcoat to cover the modern gear, or taking the time to acknowledge the gracious consort of your worthy opponent before commencing a bout is as much 'persona play' as flowery speeches.


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