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<<But I do find documentation to be a necessary evil in A&S. For
too long recreationists have been under the burden of "But EVERYBODY
KNOWS that <insert totally wrong assumption here>".
I judge documentation first at A&S and the piece second. Why? Because
I want to know if what I'm looking at is something as close to what
a person of the time would recognize as possible. I also want to know
if the person who created the item understands what he or she is
displaying or simply following a recipe or pattern.>>

True, but all out 10 page reports shouldn't be the requirement (I know minor 
exageration but I have seen it and even larger documentation)
At many of the A&S comps at events I have seen.. the ARTIST was there to 
physically answer/defend their work with both the judges and those who just 
viewed.  And still a JUDGE should be qualified to judge and should have a good 
knowledge of what was actually used in period before they are even allowed to 

The A&S competitions I saw at most Drachenwald events had a pre-requirement of 
letting the A&S person incharge at the event, know ahead of time if they were 
entering and what they were entering.. this gave the judges a chance to 'do 
their own homework' on the items so they would have the knowledge prior to 
judging anything. If there were questions, they discussed it with the artist 
prior to the actual judging.

<<<A&S displays not only skill but knowlege. I may really admire your
lathe turned wooden goblet and really appreciate your skill. But I
also want to know that lathe turned goblets were used during period
and where you got the information from.>>>

As I stated.. the artist should not have to write a report for this.. not if 
they have perhaps a book detailing this information or even a printout from an 
acceptable website source. I would have no problem laying a book or two with my 
artwork.. but not have to write out the same flippen info in a document.. 
because in a document you still have to list your SOURCE for this information.. 
And quite frankly, how do I really know that the paperwork you did with your 
work is accurate anyway.  No one in the society can absolutely say, without a 
reasonable doubt that something absolutely was or wasn't used IN PERIOD.

Oh, and COTTON was warn.. just not by everyone ..in period.

> One thing I haven't really seen at the few events we have
>attended so far here in Ansteorra, are people sitting at their
>campsites actually making things..  other than a few merchants
>who do stuff at their booths or an occassional lady > seamstress doing 
>something while watching fighting and such.
>Both in Atlantia and Drachenwald at every event people were
>all over doing their actual crafts..

<<<I think that would be neat as well. And also an area where
documentation isn't required. Arts should be that, but the artist
should also be able to talk about how this was used in history.>>>

Again.. the artist should be there with their art at least during the actual 
judging.. but their name should be there incase an admirer would like to discuss 
it at a time when the artist isn't there like during the non judging times it's 
there for display.

Also, at several competitions at some of the events we went too.. they did it 
where you had to actually MAKE YOUR ART ITEM ON SITE at the event (bringing all 
your supplies ahead of time) then it was judged.. some items required a little 
pre-prep for some of their supplies like things that maybe needed a few days 
prep before use. This way the judges could actually watch the artist CREATE 
their art and could ask questions and such.

I guess I would just like to see more A&S being actually created/worked on at 
events rather than just having a competition saying you did good. I guess my 
family and I won't have to worry if we will ever get any kind of AoA or 
recognition for our ART because we won't compete. We may display once in a 
while.. but not compete.. and we will just continue to do our craft at our 
campsite or while watching other things at events.

I hope I am not offeding anyone.. this is simply my opinion about documenting 
A&S. And I do know many others who feel the same and won't do competitions 
because of it.

*Jumps down off her soap box hoping not offended*

Maire O'Halowrane 

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