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there is NOTHING to arrange. It's something people just DO at an event. Bring 
your leatherwork or sewing or carving or embroidery etc.. with you to work on 
WHILE you watch the fighting or sitting court. I'm not telling people to give a 
class while they work.. but I guarentee you, if someone sees you carving or 
working bone or sewing by hand etc.. when they walk by your campsite or see you 
at the lists, they will simply come by and admire your work, ask some questions 
and even learn a few things.

Do it while sitting at your campsite with friends while having conversations.. I 
remember fighter practices where the Baroness would be working on SOMETHING 
while she watched her husband practice.

There is nothing to organize, nothing to set up.. it's simply artisans 
PRACTICING their craft during an event instead of just making something at home 
to put on display at an event.

Now correct me if I'm wrong.. but Ansteorra doesn't seem to hold any kind of 
Kingdom University. It's where the main part of the event was classes on all 
sorts of A&S and such. We went to one in Atlantia where hubby learned BASIC 
tunic/garb I learned how to make hair nets, he took a class on basic heraldry.. 
there was fighting.. but it was not the main part of the event.. it was simply 
more of a practice where fighters from different areas could learn/teach others. 
And even then, when us non fighters decided to watch it, most had something in 
their hands they were working on. And at the end of the event we had Court.

It was held at an actual building on a college campus in Florence, SC We used 
the different class rooms for the different classes. You simply signed up for 
the classes you wanted to take at the event. We were all in garb and there was 
even a room with a table FULL of loaner garb for those who were new or had none 
of their own.

Events don't have to be mostly Fighting or A&S competitions.. they should be set 
to allow some free time to let people simply "LIVE THE DREAM".  Don't have to 
have the schedule of events be full from beginning to end.


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Best example I know of for this is the Artisan's Row at Gulf Wars.
Might be difficult to arrange anything similar for weekend events, with so
much else going on already...

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I wrote that.. and we did see alot of artisans doing their crafts at events.

Pottery is hard yes.. and perhaps weaving.. but if you are like HL Louise
(Weezy) bringing a loom to an event isn't hard. Alot of the people we met in

Drachenwald did a TON of sewing by hand.. so I say.. do the machine part at
and do your finishing touches at an event.

Maire O'Halowrane

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