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Mon Jan 21 18:19:34 PST 2008

I am not suggesting we give up documentation. I am suggesting that not all A&S have to documented. I think "cultural" events are very very important. I like Kingdom A&S to stay the same but could we have some more broadly based A&S activities. 
I have been trying to sell the idea of a real country fair. I want it with blue ribbons. I want multiple items and the local B&B to give out bacon as prizes. I think we should prizes for best hobby horse and tabletop cow. A short of tongue in cheek version of late period county living. I want races--especially the Ladies races of Scotland. That is were you put out fancy fabric and the race for them and whatever piece they get across the finish line is theirs. Or the quest races that were done in Mary Queen of Scotland Court. You race and get a clue of your next point and then get a clue to the next stage of the race. It is a sort of period amazing race. 
I would like to see a start to finish weaving race. I would like to start with shearing a sheep but I don't think that would work. Enjoyed watching the fabric to clothes race they did in Elfsea in the old days. 
I would like to see the pancake races they used to have in France. 
The Miscreant did a little off calendar event in Elfsea. They planed a lot of activities and I don't think everything was done but we had a bread tasting that was lots of fun and was a period activities. If you look at folk customs you can find lots of things that would high light period A&S. Teach people about the Middle Ages and be lots of fun. 

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