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Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner burgborrendohl at valornet.com
Tue Jan 22 07:13:23 PST 2008

Mystique wrote:

> I guess I would just like to see more A&S being actually created/worked on at 
> events rather than just having a competition saying you did good. I guess my 
> family and I won't have to worry if we will ever get any kind of AoA or 
> recognition for our ART because we won't compete. We may display once in a 
> while.. but not compete.. and we will just continue to do our craft at our 
> campsite or while watching other things at events.

Well...I don't think I've been to an event that I didn't take my drop 
spindle, sprang frame, naalbinding or something to work on.  Honorable 
Lady Debroa our current Kingdom A & S champion can't even attend a 
mundane meeting without spinning, naalbinding or knitting.  I see Her 
Excellency Elizabeta pull out her inkle loom at every event she attends 
and actually has a moment she's not working herself to near death.  My 
lord and I do not get to travel as much as we like due to his work, but 
when we attended Steppes' and Elfesea's Twelfth Night he brought his 
soap stone to carve and I brought my spindle, naalbinding and 
embroidery.  It helped to pass the day until the evening entertainment 
and opened up conversations.  I saw a lady on the other side of the room 
with her card loom.   At most of our events (Northkeep) during the 
fighting there are people working on projects and musicians playing. 

I have never competed in Arts and Sciences (well, one bardic because I'd 
drunk wine and felt brave), yet the kind gentles of my (then shire) saw 
my work and recommended me for an Iris.  I completely agree that  
competition should not be the only way one receives recognition, but it 
is the most /expedient/ way to show your work to the most people.  My 
problem with competition is the apples and oranges thing.  How do you 
compare a hand woven tunic to a leather bound book to a mosaic, to a 
etc....?  And like the Olympics one person's entry will be judged by the 
'nice' guy who wants to encourage them and another will get the East 
German/Soviet judge.  This all being said, I was actually thinking of 
entering Kingdom Arts and Sciences this year since it was going to be 
local.  Just for the experience.  I hope I can handle the criticism like 
a big girl :-) .

Honorable Lady Rayya al Kurtubayya (Ismet)

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